Welcome to Procyon Corporation (PCYN:OB)

Our Vision –

To acquire and develop medically related companies providing products and services that will improve the quality of people’s lives.

Our Commitment –

We are committed to providing innovative and advanced medical products with proven clinical benefits to healthcare providers for use with patients who are in need of affordably priced OTC treatment options. It is through the provision of such options that we will fulfill our responsibility to our shareholders, employees and our community.

Our History –

Procyon Corporation (PCYN:OB) was incorporated in the state of Colorado on March 19, 1987 and acquired by John Anderson in 1995 through the purchase of a public shell to engage in the acquisition and development of medically-related entities.  Based in Oldsmar, Florida, Procyon was deemed a development stage company until acquiring AMERX® Health Care Corporation (AMERX) in 1996.  AMERX Health Care Corporation manufactures and markets the AMERIGEL® skin and wound care product line containing its proprietary ingredient, Oakin®.