Our subsidiary, AMERX Health Care Corporation (AHC) manufactures and markets AMERIGEL®, a proprietary line of advanced skin and wound care product made with our proprietary broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent, Oakin®; proven to promote healing in wound and problematic skin conditions while fighting infection.

The AMERIGEL® Advanced Skin & Wound Care Product Line includes:
•    AMERIGEL® Wound Dressing
•    AMERIGEL® Saturated Gauze Dressing
•    AMERIGEL® Post-Op Surgical Kit
•    AMERIGEL® Wound Wash
•    AMERIGEL® Care Lotion
•    AMERIGEL® Barrier Lotion

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Each AMERX product is based on a proprietary formulation.  Each product is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and receives a National Drug Code.
AMERIGEL® products are used by physicians, healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, institutions and schools.